All my bows are made from premium wood most of which I harvest, hand split and carefully season myself. The wood that I typically have available is Osage orange, Pacific yew, and hickory. There are other good species that grow in my area which I may add to my supply, and it's possible that I can acquire other types of bow woods as needed. Please contact me if you want to know what I currently have seasoned and ready to work. I make self bows (un-backed bows typically from one piece of wood) or bows backed with natural materials such as rawhide, snake skins, sinew, etc. Every bow I make is unique with it's own character and feel.

I can accommodate a variety of styles and designs. I am happy to talk with you about your ideas, needs and limitations to help envision the perfect bow for you. Each type of wood has it's own strengths and weaknesses and lends itself to certain designs. I will be honest in my opinions of what will work and what will not as well as any limitations I might have. If I can't do what you're asking but I know that it can be done I will gladly try to connect you with someone who can. Please browse my gallery of past bows for ideas and inspiration.

The price of each custom bow will depend on the materials needed, the design and the level of finish work. It's fair to say that an average starting point for a custom bow would be around $500. Tip overlays, artwork, recurves, heat treating, take down sleeves, backing, etc. will all add to the time and expense of making the bow. I ask for  a $100 deposit to secure the materials for your bow, and the rest of the money will be paid upon completion.  Ultimately the cost of any bow will need to be discussed and agreed upon based on the unique nature of the project.

I am a one-man operation with a wife and two children. I take my custom orders seriously and work on them diligently however there are times when I become backed up. I will strive to be as honest and accurate as I can when offering a time frame for completion.

Please contact me via email or phone (below) with any and all questions.